10 Questions to
Ask Your Loan Origination
System (LOS) Vendor

10 Questions to Ask Your LOS Vendor

Your choice of mortgage loan origination system vendor will shape your customers’ experiences and affect your organization's chances of success. Using a good loan 10 Questions to Ask Your Loan Origination System Vendor-1origination system will help you better identify qualified borrowers and efficiently complete the approval process. 

To help you make the best decision for your organization regarding an investment in an LOS, here are 10 key questions to ask your LOS vendor, including:

  • Is your loan origination system (LOS) cloud-based?
  • Does your solution provide end-to-end functionality?
  • Does your solution promote and support scalability?   
Download the full list to assist your evaluation process and better understand what steps your vendor is taking to stay technologically relevant in a rapidly changing tech landscape.

Download 10 Questions

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