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Scott M

This is an easy to use web based system which is accessible anywhere that you have an internet connection. I use it on my desktop computer, laptop, and on my iPad. In rare cases I will log in on my iPhone. It is even possible to log on while on a plane!


Ben B

Fast, VERY user friendly, easy to navigate interface, custom reporting, can easily handle multiple files at once, Simple and effective POS system, great support, custom themes, minimal steps to process files, easy one-click integrations, zero "glitches"


Yury S

I have been using LendingPad for 2+ year sand I absolutely love it. It is so simple to use. It only took a few days to learn the system. Service is amazing as well. Questions and issues are resolved promptly


Brian C

The best part of this system is how easy it is to access and use. First, it is cloud based allowing users access the system with ease even when they are away from their home computer. Second, the interface and overall work flow is very intuitive. This creates a very user friendly experience for originators.


Neena T

I appreciate the simple layout and helpful chat option available on LendingPad. When I become stuck on an issue, I love reaching out through the chatting feature and I always get a quick response. I also appreciate the reports tab. I needed a quick report on how many loans a loan officer closed in the past year and received it in Excel, which is handy.


Grant M

There are several things I enjoy about LendingPads software. First, the screens are set up with individualized "edit" tabs which I've noticed helps with staff making typos, changing information incorrectly or accidently wiping out a section . You must first click on the edit button before making an edit. second LendingPad has a "support team" button which is invaluable. If you have a specific question you can ask it in the message box and get an answer typically within minutes. Incredible customer service.


Jason S

It is hands down the easiest LOS I have ever worked on in my 25 years in the mortgage industry


Christine W

The UI of LendingPad. Pulling different data reports to benchmark production. The ability to co-exist in the same file with the LO, Processor, UW and Closers. Live data updates. The system is incredibly fast in terms of performance, superior service and support. One thing I'd like to mention would be LendingPad is always keeping clients feedback in mind. The system updates with the latest features on a quarterly basis.