Compliance and Processing Date Fields Update (Jan 22)

The following date fields are being modified or added to the LOS platform. TRID dates are centralized to be under the Critical Dates section.

Critical Dates

  • Renamed Loan Estimate to LE Issued
  • Renamed LE Signed/Intent to Proceed to Intent to Proceed
  • Renamed Re-Disclosure to LE Re-Disclosure Issued
  • Renamed Closing Disclosure to CD Issued
  • Renamed Closing Disclosure Received Date to CD Received
  • Added LE Delivery Method
  • Added LE Delivered
  • Added LE Received
  • Added LE Issuance Due (Read-only field auto-populates based on "Application Taken Date". LE Issuance Due = Application Taken + 3 business days)
  • Added LE Re-Disclosure Issued
  • Added LE Re-Disclosure Received
  • Added CD Delivered
  • Added CD Delivery Method
  • Added CD Re-Disclosure Issued
  • Added CD Re-Disclosure Received
  • Added e-Consent
  • Added Appraisal Delivered

Processing Dates 

  • Added Earliest Fee Collection
  • Added SSPL Sent
  • Added Safe Harbor Sent
  • Added Special Information Booklet Sent
  • Added ABA Provided
  • Added Charm Booklet Sent
  • Added HELOC Brochure Sent
  • Added AVM Provided
  • Added Home Counseling Disclosure
  • Added High-Cost Disclosure
  • 3/27/2023 - Added Payoff request Date