The system has 3 types of contacts.  Company level, privately and of loan level.  

  • Company level - go to Contact (on the top banner) → Create New Contact → "Company".  Your system administrators may remove this permission for some user roles.
  • Personal level - go to Contact → Create New Contact → "Personal".  This option is available for everyone. 
  • File-level - Disclosure → Service Providers tab → Add or Edit to select from Contact (existing address book). 
    • Update 7/24/2022 - In the Key Service Providers section contacts will no longer pre-load. Please start searching for the company name with the first three letters of the contact's name to be searched. Then can select a contact.
    • Update 9/17/2022 - Point of contact can now be used to search for contacts in the key service providers and in the contacts section in the top color bar. Use at least the first three letters of the first or last name of the point of contact to search.
  • Key service providers will be auto-populated after the processor selects a contact to process loans.

Best Practices - a company is recommended to manage all contacts added to the system, especially in the appraisal, title, and 3rd party vendor in processing categories when they are set up or via a process when a frequently used contact/service provider is identified.  The Service Provider List is a standard document in the Print Forms section.  If you'd like to default information on that list for all of your loans, go to Settings → Print Forms → Service Provider List → Custom Parameters to enter default service providers' information.