How to Enter a Non-occupant Co-borrower

When there is a non-occupant co-borrower, please pay attention to the following:

Step-by-step guide

The following conditions should then be met or completed to enter a non-occupant co-borrower on a loan.

  • Borrowers cannot be labeled as 'joint borrowers'.

  • Credit reports must be separate.

  • The non-occupant should be the co-borrower (or second borrower or last borrower, in a 3-4 borrower case) and not the main (first) borrower.  

  • For the non-occupant, select No for Declaration L (Do you intend to occupy the property as your primary residence?) on the Declaration tab in the Borrowers section of the Loan Application tab on the Manage Loan screen.

  • On the Address tab in the Borrowers section, enter the non-occupant’s primary address with a minimum of a 2-year history.

  • On the Expense tab in the Borrowers section, enter the non occupant’s primary housing expense. If the borrower owns his primary residence, enter this property on the REO tab as well and mark it as their current residence.

  • If the borrower rents his primary residence, enter the non occupant’s rent expense on the Expense tab in the Borrowers section. A verification of rent (VOR) or current lease is also needed to confirm this amount.