How does our support desk prioritize tickets?

LendingPad has internal support metrics to be sure your questions are answered and resolved as quickly as possible.

Major Defects

Severity 1 (S1):  Total outage.  A Defect that results in at least one of the following: (i) the LendingPad URL produces no results, or (ii) the Customer’s authorized users cannot log in to the application after repeated attempts.  “Severity 1” does not include downtime for regularly scheduled maintenance.

Severity 2 (S2): Business-critical or degraded service.  A Defect that results in any of the following: (i) a channel for applicant transaction processing submission is inaccessible; (ii) no content is being delivered; (iii) essential features to process an application transaction are not functional; (iv) no online report produces any data or the data has not been refreshed in fewer than twenty-four (24) hours; or (v) internal system defects causing the web-based software interfaces to essential 3rd party products and services.

Minor Defects

Severity 3 (S3): A Defect in one or more web-based software features.  

For S1 issues, our support desk will immediately loop in the development and emergency response teams for resolution.  Constant communication will be provided for a status update.

For S2 issues, LendingPad generally will respond in 24-48 hours after the team had determined the root cause.  Due to oftentimes these issues arising from third-party providers, we will work and update as soon as there is an update or restore of service.