How to complete page 1 of the Lender URLA?

This article will direct users how to complete the first page of the lender URLA.

L1. Property and Loan Information (Construction must be chosen in the overview> terms and mortgage > purpose for constuction section to appear in additional tab) 

At least one borrower lives in a community property state - This can be done in the overview tab> borrower's section > within the borrower's section navigate to to the additional section to toggle community property state for any and all borrowers within a community property state. 

The property is in a community property state - Additional tab > appraisal inforamtion section > navigate to toggle on Community property state. 

Transaction Detail

Conversion of contract for deed or land contract - Additional tab > Underwriting > Toggle on Conversion of Contract for Deed. 

Renovation - Overview tab > Details of Transaction > key in alterations amount and will check box for renovation. 

Construction-Conversion/Construction-to-Permanent - Additional tab > construction section

Original Cost of Lot - Overview tab > Details of transaction > Land field. 

Refinance Type - auto populated by data from the overview tab > terms and mortgage > purpose drop down.

Refinance Program (for government loans only) - additional tab > government data section > Refinance type drop down. 

Energy Improvment 

Mortgage loan will finance energy-related improvements - Additional tab > Underwriting > navigate to Energy related improvements toggle to toggle on.

Property is currently subject to a lien that could take priority over
the first mortgage lien, such as a clean energy lien paid for through
property taxes (e.g., the Property Assessed Clean Energy program) - Additional tab > Appraisal information section > Toggle on Property existing clear energy lien

Project type - Will auto populate based on data in the overview tab > subject property section > property type section from the drop down

L2. Title information

Title to the Property Will be Held in What Name(s): Will populate based on the borrowers names in the borrower section. 

Estate Will be Held in - Overview tab > interviewer details section

Manner in Which Title Will be Held - Overview tab > interviewer details 

For Refinance: Title to the Property is Currently Held in What Name(s): Additional  tab > prior liens section > add prior lien > enter borrowers names (enter loan number as required field will not show up on lender URLA). 

Trust Information - Additional tab > Trust information section 

Indian Country Land Tenure - Additional tab > appraisal information section > Native American Lands type drop down for options. 

L3 Mortgage Loan Information

Will populate based on program information entered in program on the company level that is chosen on the loan level. 

Mortgage Type Applied For - Overview tab > Terms and Mortgage > Loan Type

Mortgage Lien Type - Additional tab > general tracking section > Lien position type should be something other than first for subordinate lien to populate.