How to Connect Your CRM

Step-by-step guide

  1. Login to LendingPad as a system administrator


2. Click on “Settings”

3. Click on “Lead Providers”

4. Click on “Create New Lead Provider”


5. Enter “CRM” name and turn on the “Web API Leads Import” toggle and click on save changes


6. Go back to lead providers and click on manage campaigns


7. Click on “Create New Campaign” and enter the name and code(CRM Name) then click on save changes


8. Click on the pencil icon and go to “Web API” tab and turn on the toggle under general section and click on save changes

9. Go back to “Settings” and click on the “Integrations” tab

10. Copy the company, campaign, and user Id’s, Email/NMLS and send it to your CRM rep


When you create/update a loan LendingPad, the system should automatically export the loan to your CRM within 15 minutes (NOTE: if you would like to turn on export and push your existing pipeline to your CRM, please email )