How to Create/Import a Spreadsheet Into LendingPad?

Step-by-step guide

  1. Login to LendingPad as a System Administrator.

2.  Click Settings.

3.  Click Lead Providers.

4.  Click + Create New Lead Provider.

5.  Enter the lead provider Name and flip on the Manual Leads Creation and Spreadsheet Leads Import toggles.

6.  Click Spreadsheet Import Settings and add new fields by selecting them from the Add New Field dropdown.

Basic Field names added MUST match with your spreadsheet's column names.  Please note, Campaign Code MUST be the first Basic Field in LendingPad and in your spreadsheet.

  •  Users can define Loan Officer Email field in the spreadsheet and can add active company user email address to the spreadsheet (user should have LO role and access to current loan's campaign). When the user imported the spreadsheet then the system will assign a LO to the loan automatically.
  • Users can add custom labels/milestones to the template and define the column names in the spreadsheet. users can mouseover on the i icon to see the field description. (NOTE: 1. Percentage values should be divided by 100, for example, if a user wants to import a 3.602% then the user should set this value as 0.03602 in the spreadsheet. 2. For range properties, the user should define 2 columns in the template and provide the data in these columns in the spreadsheet).

7.  After you add the Basic Fields to LendingPad, click Save Changes.  Afterwards, click the second blue box next to the Lead Provider you created and click + Create New Campaign.

8.  Then enter a Name and Code for the campaign, then click Save Changes.

9.  In your spreadsheet, you MUST add the Code in the first column (Campaign Code) of your spreadsheet and enter the other client data that you want to import into LendingPad.  If any fields do not apply, you can leave them blank (as you see for the Borrower Home Phone).