How to: DU – Redistribution Instructions

This feature allows brokers to run lender’s DU.

To enable this feature, please email your account executive or the lender’s wholesale support.  Information needed from the broker is his/her credit report credentials they normally use to pull a credit report from their preferred CRA’s.

  1. Broker’s users can run “AUS” and “Credit Report” actions in the “Actions” menu at a loan level.


       2. To run the lender’s DU, broker first needs to pull a credit report or reissue an existing credit report.  To pull a new credit report, the user needs to click on the “Send” button to the left of “Credit Report” action and select their preferred CRA vendor, select the “Request Type” and “Credit Report” fields then click on “Send Request”.


         3. To run the lender’s DU, the user needs to click on the “Send” button in the AUS action and select “Fannie Mae” in the “Contact” drop down and correct “Request Type”, then click on “Send Request”.  

              If the user selects “Underwriting with Merge Credit” for the “Request Type” drop-down, then the system will display all the available credit report providers in the drop down to reissue an existing broker’s credit report.


           4.  After the broker registers a loan with lender, the system will retain the credit report, DU results, borrowers’ credit report identifier and documents associated with the loan for lender’s underwriter’s review.


          5. If a broker hasn't run the credit report before the loan registration, lender user needs to enter the correct credit report identifier when running the DU with UW merge credit.