How to Export Your HMDA Report?

Step-by-step guide

Here are the steps involved:

  1. Log into LendingPad LOS application.
  2. Check with your system administrator to make sure your role has access to the HMDA report.
  3. Select HMDA Report.
  4. Select State in the State drop-down menu.
  5.  Choose Federal Agency from the drop-down menu.
  6. Select Date Period from the calendar drop-down menus for "From" and "To" periods.
  7. Select Search.  HMDA formatted data will appear.
  8. For HMDA Report, select Export Report will produce a LAR file for uploading.
  9. Please see these links for more resources:  Online Loan/Application Register (LAR) Formatting Tool 
    1. HMDA Tools

To use these reports correctly, please make sure the operations team or processors enter correct status dates in the Critical Dates section of each loan file.  These are dates for regulatory filings:  

  • Subject Property State (for call report).  If it's not there, the system cannot report this loan file.
  • Application Taken Date (this date must exist on every loan for all reporting)
  • HMDA Action Date, HMDA Action Type
  • Approved Date / Suspended Date / Clear-to-Close Date (for brokers, make sure you select a lender)
  • Closed Date, Funded Date
  • Adverse Actions:  Withdrawn Date, Not Accepted Date, Incomplete Date, Cancelled Date, Denial Date, Rescinded Date
  • For preapproval loans, please be sure to log in Additional / HMDA / Action Type drop-down - "Preapproval Approved But Not Accepted" or "Preapproval Denied".
  • Make sure there is a process to ensure your data integrity.  Timely withdrawal / adverse action files (recommended within 90 days) is recommended
  • Within the file > Additional tab > General Tracking > NDC (for non-delegated correspondent loans) toggle on will omit loan from HMDA report.
  • Within the file > Additional tab > HMDA section > Exclude from HMDA Report (for any other reason necessary) toggle on will omit from HMDA report. (Do not need both NDC and Exclude from HMDA report options on to exclude. Only need to use one or the other). 

    Always consult with your own compliance resources as compliance interpretations may be different in each case.  The data and interpretation are provided in this report is for reference only.