How to Merge two files?

As of 8/15/2022 users will be able to merge two 3.2 or 3.4 files together. Please note as of now only data contained in 3.2 or 3.4 files are supported.

Video Tutorial: Merging Files


Go to the pipeline and locate the file in which you wish to export.



Search for the loan using the filters on the right-hand side of the pipeline. Click on the blue icon to the left of the loan file to access the loan file.



Navigate to the Actions button towards the top right and hit the drop-down and choose export.


From here can hit the drop-down and choose either the Fannie or Freddie version of 3.4. (Fannie's version would suffice for merging purposes). Use the Export button and a file will download to the bottom of your screen and automatically save to your download folder. 


****Locate the file in the pipeline that you wish to be merged to using the same method as above to find the original file.*******



Once inside the file click on the actions button within that file and choose the update option.


Please hit the drop-down for type and choose the merge option.


Users can now either drag and drop or upload from their downloads folder their exported file from the previous loan. (Please make sure if using drag and drop that the File section becomes grey in color as this will ensure proper upload).


Once the file is uploaded user will have the option to choose any and all borrowers they wish to merge to the new file. (Since only one borrower is being merged select the one borrower).


See an example of potential merging when only a certain number of borrowers is wanted. (Perhaps only one of the borrowers from the original file is needed to merge). If all borrowers are required to the new file please choose all borrowers. 


Once the scenario is set correctly please use the Import button, a confirmation screen will appear, and once confirm the files will merge! 

** A 3.4 file of the original file being merged into will download in case of potential mistakes and can be re-updated to revert back to the original scenario. 


Users can also merge 3.2 or 3.4 files that originate outside of LendingPad. Simply locate the file to be merged and find the same update option in the Actions button > set file format to either 3.2 or 3.4 > set type to merge > drag and drop or upload from computer > choose any and all borrowers > Import > then confirm.



***documents are not merged right now. Please either download from the original file and upload it to the new file or upload them from your computer's downloads folder.******


See the link about how to download docs in bulk - Downloading Docs