How to obtain personal API keys for The UWM Portal.

Please follow the below to obtain your personal API key for the UWM Portal.

Please see below the quick steps to obtain your company and personal API keys. 


  • Please ensure you obtain the right user role you wish to sync. If you wish to change please reach out to your UWM AE. 
  • MISMO data, data for the credit run, and data for the AUS run will be transferred to UWM Portal from LendingPad. 
  • UWM Portal will sync back MISMO data only at this time every 4 hours. 
  • Loans with either UWM assigned or no lender assigned in the wholesale lender section in the overview > wholesale lender information section will migrate over to the UWM Portal.
LendingPad_nobigdot_ver2 (1)-2 UWM