How to order a tax transcript for 4506-C in LendingPad?

Forms (W2, 1040, 1065, 1099, and 1120) can be requested via direct integration under Actions.

  1. A prerequisite for this is to have the signed 4506C uploaded to the Documents section before requesting the Tax Transcript.

  2. Go to Documents, click on Add New Documents.
    Screenshot 2022-02-07 185923

  3. Drag & drop the signed 4506C.
    Screenshot 2022-02-07 190015

  4. Under the Type, choose 4506T, then save the file.Screenshot 2022-02-07 185737

  5. Next, go to Actions tab, under System Actions, click on Send button of the Tax Transcript.
    Screenshot 2022-02-07 190158

  6. Under contact, choose the vendor you have already set up.
    Screenshot 2022-02-07 190415

  7. Choose Order New Report from the Request Type.
    Screenshot 2022-02-07 190544

  8. Select the Borrower from the drop-down list.
    Screenshot 2022-02-07 190700

  9. Then select the signed 4506C you just uploaded under Attach Document.
    Screenshot 2022-02-07 191057

  10. Lastly, after you select the form type and year for the Tax Transcript you want to request, click Send Request. LendingPad will notify you if the request is sent successfully.Screenshot 2022-02-07 191234



    Here is a short video showing you how to request tax transcript in LendingPad

    How to Order 4506C