How to Order/Re-issue a Credit Report?

Step by Step Instructions


  1. Go into the loan and assign a Loan Officer under the "Assignments" section.



     2.  Go to the "Actions" tab.



    3.  Click "Send" next to "Credit Report'.



   4.  To order a new credit report, leave the Request Type as "Order New Report", then click "Send Request".  (PLEASE NOTE:  The "Credit Card Information "section to the right is for the borrower's credit card, if you intend to charge them upfront for the credit pull.  If you do not intend to charge the borrower upfront for the credit pull, please leave that section as it is.)



   5.  To reissue an existing credit report, set the Request Type to "Re-Issue Existing Report", then input the credit report Identifier, then click "Send Request".



   6.  To view the credit report, click "View" to the right of "Credit Report".



         Then click the down arrow on the left to expand.


Then click the blue pdf hyperlink at the bottom to view the credit report.  (NOTE:  Users can also access the credit report in the DOCUMENTS panel on the right side of the file as well.)


NOTE: We do not sell or give the credit vendors any borrower contact information when requesting credit reports in LendingPad. Third parties are doing reverse searches to obtain borrower contact information. Below is a link to an article about this topic for more info.