How to Set /Review Escrows and Aggregate Adjustments?

this article will explain how to set escrows, aggregate adjustment, and view cushion details.

Step-by-step guide

1.  In the overview tab > Proposed Housing expense section be sure the monthly premiums for taxes and insurance are entered. 



2.   Enter the estimated closing date in the overview > Interviewer details section. 


3.   Once the est. closing date is set the first payment date will auto-populate in the Disclosure tab > Additional > Loan disclosure additional section. (If there is no edit button please reach out to your system admin user role to grant your user role this permission. Change the first payment date to apply if giving interest credit). 


4. Navigate to Cost Details Screen and Section G. Use the blue pencil to access the section.


5. Click on due dates and payments. The green plus button can add date(s) for the due date(s). 


6. Can enter due dates as applicable. (if pre-paying HOI at closing please enter the next year as the due date. If a refinance and taxes are due within 60 days enter pre-paid in section F and enter the following year for the due date(s)). County property taxes will pre-populate with due dates based on county records. Please check for accuracy and change if necessary. 


7. Once dates are set hit the Set Default button 


8. Another screen will display showing what the months and dollar amounts the borrower will pay at closing. Hit Set Default again to set the figures. 


9. The aggregate adjustment will be set and from there can save changes. 

10. Users can then view the cushion details for a further breakdown of escrows and aggregate adjustment. 



*It is possible to have 0 as an aggregate adjustment please review the cushion details. 

*It is possible to override aggregate adjustment and manually put in the dollar figure desired