How to Run DocMagic Action in LendingPad?

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Texas Loans 

Add “RenewalAndExtensionDescription” as a custom field in Settings / Custom Labels and Milestones. Simply enter texts there in each loan file, DocMagic will pick it up and display in the TX Extension and Renewal Rider.

If this is a Texas Home Equity Loan, you are using a loan program other than the default for the Texas 2% Points and Fees Test. Please ensure you have selected your intended loan program.

The company needs to setup and use DSI_TX6 as “code” in Settings/Programs and link this program to the loan file in order for the TX A6 fees to be considered in the test.

Sales Contract Date 

Create a custom field associated to Docmagic, with identifier "SalesContractDate" in LendingPad.   Then, pls contact the Docmagic Customer Service department to have the form (such as the Settlement Certification SC2.MSC) configured to use the value.  

Generate CD Redisclosure / COC Package Directly via Docmagic Interface

If you would like to bypass Docmagic’s default configuration of generating a CD Redisclosure package / CD COC, please place a customer service request with Docmagic to add the COC forms using the same selection logic that is on LendingPad vendor account, 543683. 

After that, whenever there is a COC reason documented in the Revisions tab, the CD Redisclosure package can be generated directly from within the Docmagic action dropdown menu.

Regarding Baseline

LendingPad integration passes the numbers from Disclosure / Cost Detail / Last Disclosed columns for all fees each time you order the Docmagic package.  Please call customer service to request to add client calcs for DISCLOSED.AMOUNTS.  Otherwise, by default, it only reads the first time when it's sent which are all $0.00.

December 2, 2021 Update

DocMagic users now have the option to request a feature enhancement that will automatically return a PDF of documents to the LendingPad Documents repository following the electronic execution by the borrower.  Documents will automatically be returned to the appropriate document folder following execution completion of the full disclosure package.

This enhancement will also auto-populate the Intent to Proceed and Closing Disclosure Received with the date that the fully executed document package is received.  PLEASE NOTE it is possible that the document execution date may NOT be the same as the Intent to Proceed date in cases where multiple borrowers execute documents on different dates. Therefore it is recommended to always verify this date as there may be cases where a borrower partially executed a package prior to final completion.  This scenario may result in the package date used to populate LendingPad slightly differing from the individual document execution date.  This can be corrected by manually keying in the accurate date. 

Additional Notes:

The date auto-population is built upon the assumption that the Intent to Proceed document is included in the Initial Disclosure Package.  LendingPad will NOT overwrite the Intent to Proceed date or the CD Received date if the date has already been populated in LendingPad. 


April 4, 2022 Update

Docmagic disclosure action to save all PDF's returned to documents folder. Will only take affect for request log beginning after this update.