How to Run Form Free Asset Verification Integration

  1. Login to LendingPad

  2. Click on "Pipeline"

  3. Click on the loan number to go into the loan

  4. Click on the "Actions" tab

  5. Click on the send button with "Asset Verification"

  6. Users can order two types of reports Lite/Full. If the user requested for Lite report, they will get bank account information only. A full report will get the bank account info and the pdf as well. After requesting an order, the user can able to upgrade the report type from lite to full

  7. After the request was sent, Borrower will receive an email to their online banking account for an account check

  8. Users can Check status/Get accounts information by clicking on the buttons

  9. Users can upgrade the report type from lite to full by clicking on the "Upgrade Order" button

  10. Users can request for pdf report by clicking on the "Get Reports" button and can request a new report by clicking on the "Request New Report" button

  11. After the order was completed, the user will see a pdf document in the response

  12. Users can see the pdf document in the documents section as well