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How to Link a Custom Pre-approval Letter for the Pre-approval Letter Button in Actions Screen

This article will describe how system admins can set a default pre-approval letter when a user clicks on "Send" the "Pre-approval Letter" button in the Actions screen inside of a loan file.

System Admin can go to Settings > Print Forms. 


System admin can choose the Preferred Print forms button.


From here users can choose from the drop-down the form desired to appear within each file in the Pre-Approval section within Actions > Other Actions > Pre-Approval. (Loan estimate option will appear in the Disclosure tab > Preview Loan Estimate button). 


***Companies can have their custom Pre-Approval letter be a part of the drop-down by emailing support@lendingpad.com. If the form is already in the system please indicate which form you would like to add to the drop-down and we will set it for you! Companies can create their custom Pre-Approval letter to submit to us to add to the drop-down (we can build it for you for a separate cost please inquire with support about pricing for us to make the form for your company if desired).  Custom Print Forms.

*** Some states have specific formats for a Pre-Approval letter. If you wish to have these populate with the Pre-Approval button along with your customs form will need to create multiple templates and define the state in the conditions section. Once the state is defined in the subject property section it will generate this file.


From here companies can create or upload Pre-Approval templates and set conditions to generate by the state for example.


***Your Pre-Approval letter must already be uploaded to the Print Forms section. If so email support@lendingpad.com with the form you wish to become part of the preferred print forms list. Once we add the form to the drop-down admins will be able to choose it with the procedure above. If your form is not already part of your company's custom print forms you can add it yourself with this link, Custom Print Form. 

Or, we can build the form for you to be part of the custom print forms section which in turn we can add to the list of preferred print forms. If you wish for us to build the form please email a sample to support@lendingpad.com to inquire about the cost to build.