How to set the Compliance section?

This article is to summarize how system admins can set the compliance section and include Saturday as a business day. This will also summarize how to set custom holidays along with the pre-loaded traditional holidays.

System Admins can navigate to the Settings > Compliance section. 


From here Admins can define Sat. as a business day by simply toggling on the toggle within this section. 


Admins can click on the corresponding year tab(s) to view and define custom holidays.

As always, be sure to save changes for updates to take effect.



  • These settings are used to define if Saturday is a general business day, display federal holidays (this will be loaded every year automatically), and define custom holidays. 

  • These settings are used in conjunction with business rules to help facilitate TRID counting periods. Some system-level rules will be available in the system for ease. 

  • General Business days - Are defined to exclude holidays + Saturdays (if not toggled on as business days) + and Sundays. 

  • Precise Business days - Are defined to exclude Federal holidays + Sundays only. (Sat will always be counted even if toggled off as a business day for CD recission period calculation purposes). 

  • Calendar days - This option will count all days regardless of compliance section settings and recission counters. 

  • For the CD recission business rule please reference system rule BR-0059

  • For 7-day consummation rule please reference system rule BR-0005

  • For LE must be issued within 3 general business days from the application taken date please refer to system rule BR-0044