How to set up user profile?

This article will help users set up their profile.

When users first get their sign in link they will have a choice of Google authenticator or SMS text message MFA if your company has turned this on. if using google authenticator be sure to download the app and scan the QR code 


To access your profile please go to your name in the top right. 

Click edit profile button and change to Google Authenticator and then Save Changes. 

From here you can change MFA to Google authenticator. You can download the Google authenticator app on your mobile's app store. From there you can hit the SHOW button and scan the QR code to complete the process. PLEASE SET THIS UP PRIOR TO LOGGING OUT WHEN SWITCHING TO GOOGLE AUTHENTICATOR OR ELSE CANNOT LOG BACK IN.

On the main profile screen users can use the Edit Profile button to access more profile settings. User can set items such as session timeouts, contact info, change records per page settings, and upload a profile image.