How to Setup Company/Individual Credit Report Credentials?

***Meridian Link credit vendors and Factual Data by CBC offer soft pull options***** The same process as follows to enter soft pull credentials.

Step by Step Instructions


  1. Login to LendingPad as a System Administrator.



       2. Click on the "Settings" page.



        3. Click on the "Actions" tab.



       4. Click on the pencil icon with "Credit Report" action.



        5. System admin can set the credentials source type and the source type is categorized into three.

  • Company: If the credentials source type is set to the "Company", the system will use the company level credentials to pull the credit and an individual user cannot use their own credentials.
  • Company or User: If the credentials source type is set to the "Company or User", the system will use either one of the types (Company or user). user needs to define which credentials he/she wants to use when running the credit at the loan level.
  • User: If the credentials source type is set to the "User", the system will use the user level credentials.




         6. Click on the drop-down with set credentials source type and select an option, click on "Set Credentials Source Type To All Contacts" then the system will prompt a window to confirm the changes, click on confirm and click on the  "Save Changes".  This will set all contacts to be choice in source type if desired





How to input individual user credit credentials?


          1. Login to LendingPad.



          2. Click on your name at the top right screen then click on the "Profile" under the dropdown.



         3. Click on "Edit profile".



           4. Click on "Actions".



           5. Input the credentials and click on "Save Changes". Please do NOT copy and paste credentials. 


           6. To run the credit report using individual credentials company settings are set to both company and user, go to the loan Actions and click on send with credit report and turn on the toggle "Use My Credentials" then hit "Send Request".