How to Setup Enact MI?

1. Login to LendingPad as System Administrator


2. Click on "Settings"


3. Click on "Actions"


4. Click on pencil icon with "Mortgage Insurance" action


5. Select "Enact MI" under "Contacts" section and input the Username, Password, and Code(MI Lender Identifier), click on "Save Changes" then go back and click on "Activate Action"


How to run Enact MI Action in LendingPad?


1. Click on "Pipeline"


2. Go into the loan


3. Click on "Actions"


4. Click on "Send" with "Mortgage Insurance" action


5. Click on "Edit Mortgage Insurance Detail" and select "Predefined Plan" from the drop-down and click on "Use Plan Settings" to auto-populate the info or input the info manually and click on "Save Changes"


6. Select "Contact" and "MI Service Type" and click on "Send Request"


7. Click on "View" with "Mortgage Insurance" action and expand to see the response


8. A pdf document will be returned with the response and it will be automatically added to documents section under "MI Certificate" folder