2. Forms and Documents

Loan Document Labels

This article will explain how to create and run reports for loan document labels. This feature is curated primarily for Lenders and Wholesalers on the Lending Pad platform.

Labels are defined at a company level and must have a system admin user role to complete. 

System admin can go to Settings > Loan Documents section. 



Navigate to the loan document labels section. From here admins can define the document labels. One primary use may be a label such as Accepted (green), or Rejected (red) indicating a document has been accepted or rejected by underwriting or an account rep. 



Once complete, ensure you save changes. This will allow users to utilize labels immediately. They become reportable through system reporting. 

Labels can be tagged upon upload of a document depending on internal workflow. Users may also un-tag and retag a label to alert other users. Multiple tags can be assigned to each document uploaded.   



See below for how to run reports for custom labels. 

Users can navigate to Reports in the top bar. 


Search for loan documents in the search bar and click on the dark blue icon to access report. 

Here users can define search filters and run the report. Please be sure to choose a status for the report to run.


Users can choose to export the report. To do this, navigate to the main reports page, click on export report requests, and retrieve the report. 




TIP: Utilize the blue Play button on the top right of the report request screen to refresh report data.