Migrating Data from Other LOS's

Best Practices and Transfer Methods

1.  Decide on a LendingPad start date.  On or after this start date, take loan applications on and after the start date.  This also means that loans loaded onto LendingPad will have an app-taken date on or after the start date. 

2.  We recommend you finish your loans in the old LOS for NMLS reporting purposes.  Ideally, you would start with LendingPad for new applications on the first of next quarter.  If not, you may need to combine the data from both systems to the NMLS report for the mid-quarter transitions.

3.  To transfer data via MISMO 3.4 option - you can drag and drop  100 3.4 files at a time.

  • If the system administrator uploads all the files, LO's will not be linked and the files will go to "Lead" status - access rights are controlled by "Campaign" settings.  If LO uploads their own files, LO's will be linked to these files they import automatically.    
  • 3.4 files may not carry fees or other critical dates.  

4.  To transfer via an excel spreadsheet, you can link LO and dates to be put into the system.  If reflecting LO and statuses are important to you, then use this method.   

These data points are allowed via a spreadsheet import.  See "Lead Provider" section to set up and map these data points from your spreadsheet.

  • Appraisal value
  • Borrower current address (street, city, state, and zip)
  • Borrower DOB, email, full name, first name, middle name, last name, home, and mobile phone
  • Borrower mailing address (street, city, state, and zip)
  • Buyer agent
  • Campaign code - this code must match Lead Provider / Campaign / Code setup
  • Co-borrower current address (street, city, state, and zip)
  • Co-borrower DOB, email, full name, first, middle, and last names, home, and mobile phone
  • Co-Borrower mailing address (street, city, state, and zip)
  • Credit score
  • Custom loan number
  • FHA previous case number
  • Lead id
  • Loan amount
  • Application Taken
  • Closed date
  • Created date
  • Estimated closing date
  • Funded date
  • LO Email (be sure to match LO's email address in LendingPad so this loan record can go into the LO's pipeline)
  • Loan type
  • Note rate
  • Occupancy type
  • Original endorsement date
  • Original term
  • Other mortgage amount
  • Program
  • Property address (street, city, state, zip)
  • Purpose
  • Seller agent
  • Servicer information
  • Units
  • Other information can be transferred via custom fields

5.  Whichever method you choose, we suggest you upload a few records to test out to be sure the behavior fits your expectation.  The LendingPad support team cannot perform the migration for you.

6.  If possible, leave one seat open at the old LOS for the transition period.

Starting on Dec 1, 2021, in a joint effort with a third-party consulting firm TechnieCode automated Point migration services is available for a fee.   These are prerequisites for the services:

  • Must have temporary PointCentral server admin access
  • Most of the application data points and associated loan PDF documents will be migrated 
  • Prior to migration, turn off all business rules
  • Lock info, fees, program, and milestone data are not available to be migrated.   
    • Reasons are the built-in rules inside of LendingPad and putting these fields in will trigger different rules which causes issues.  Another reason could be simply due to different system setups.  For programs, LendingPad will make the best effort to match an existing program.  
    • This migration service is designed to simply bring an old pipeline over.  We do not recommend migrating an active, in-progress pipeline 
    • We recommend that you finish your old pipeline completely in the previous LOS.   Pick a starting date (preferably 1st of the next quarter) for all new applications in LendingPad
    • Milestone dates if migrated, triggers status email.  HMDA report based on migrated data should not be filed using LendingPad as the migration does not move fees.   
  • Go to this page for details to schedule an initial call