Pipeline Management

Effective 5/8/2022 To improve pipeline speed upon accessing the pipeline it will no longer pre-load all the loans. Please use the filters on the right hand side to search for loans.

The filters can be customized via a custom view. See link about how to create custom views. Custom View.

Once entered desired search criteria hit search button to locate loan(s). 


Users can use the manual/auto refresh button at any time to load all loans if desired. change to refresh if desired and hit search button. 


If users desire to have their custom view auto load their loans go to your profile > Views > be sure Manual refresh toggle is off and save. Log out and log back in to refresh the setting. 


When importing a loan via a 3.2 or 3.4 file once complete either search loan number or hit search button and the newly created loan will be at the top of the list.