Please see below for a description of Shortcuts and a video tutorial

  • As of 8/14/2023 users will now have the ability to create shortcuts to help streamline navigations between screens within the LendingPad file.
  • Shortcuts can be accessed with the edit buttons of each section by clicking the star icon in the top left. Wait for the start to turn blue in color and there is no need to save changes. 
  • If creating a shortcut within the actions section, hit the send button as you would if running the action, and within the following screen in the top left the blue star icon will appear.
  • Withing the shortcuts tab users can re-order the shortcuts and delete current ones by accessing the blue edit shortcuts button.
  • This is a user-level setting designed for users to navigate the borrower file to their liking. At this time there is no company-wide setting to set shortcuts. You can submit a new feature request in Support (top color bar) > New Feature Suggestion. 


Video Tutorial: Shortcuts