TPO Broker Guide

This guide can be given to brokers who are signed up as a TPO user for a wholesaler inside of LendingPad. Before you proceed, refer to this guide for setting up your TPO portal. Wholesale Channel - TPO Broker Setup Guide


Import Fannie Mae 3.2 File

Click on Pipeline, import. Be sure to review all application information prior to exporting a 3.2 file from the broker’s own LOS. Specifically, these fields are required:

  • SSN

  • Date of Birth

  • Phone Number

Register a Loan

To register a loan, go to the loan file. Click on Register Loan with Lender. These are required:

  • Assign a Loan Officer

  • Assign a Loan Processor

After registration, a loan file cannot be modified by brokers anymore. For existing LendingPad customers (Broker type), the system will select all documents in the loan file and create a new document of the “Credit package” type with filename “credit-package-loan number - borrower name - current date/time.pdf”.


Upload a Document or Condition

  • Click on Document panel, click on Add Documents.


Submit a Loan to Underwriting

Go to the loan file, and Actions tab. “Submit to Lender” button will be available after supporting documents are uploaded.


Approvals / Underwriting Decisions Communication

Broker’s LO and LP will receive an email with approval conditions whenever underwriter dispositions a file.