Troubleshooting: Error in Running AUS - DU, DO, LP or LPA

Problem: LendingPad displays AUS Errors


Please follow these steps to check for data integrity:

  • An error running the DU/LP can occur when certain information does not match on the loan and the AUS form. To correct this error:

    • Verify that the borrower's name matches on the loan and on the AUS form. For example, if the borrower is listed as Robert Green on the loan, an error may occur if the borrower is listed as Bob Green on the AUS form.

    • Verify that the borrower's social security number (SSN) matches on the loan and on the AUS form.

    • Verify that the borrowers have not switched order since the AUS form was last requested by a broker.

    • DU will not accept two credit scores.
    • Swapped borrowers' positions since credit reporting.
  • An error can occur if the results of a previous AUS request were not downloaded before the form was requested again. This occurs most often when a user switches from LP to DU and vice versa.

  • An error can occur if the seller ID was not provided while running the LP. If the user knows the lender seller ID, Use their seller ID, If the user not sure which lender they are submitting Can use the Freddie Mac default seller ID: 121555.  UPDATE 3/1/2021 - For LPA 5.0 / NEW URLA, do not use 121555.  Leave it blank.   (
  • An error can occur if the FHA mortgage insurance (MIP) amount is not entered for the loan. This amount must be manually entered for a loan estimate or closing disclosure in the Government Data section on the Additional tab of the Manage Loan screen.

  • An error can occur if rental income for the subject property is entered. The FHA does not allow rental income from the subject property to offset the PITI amount. Rental income entered on the Income tab in the Borrowers section of the Loan Application tab on the Manage Loan screen must be entered as 'Other' income, and the full PITI amount must be counted against the borrower.

  • For an FHA or VA case, you may get "missing lender's sponsorship ID" error.  Sponsor ID will be auto-populated if info is avail once you select an lender.  If it's not available in LendingPad system, go to Additional, Government Data to fill out the lender's FHA Lender/Sponsor ID.  
  • For DO, LendingPad will use FHA Lender ID (if you have one) or Sponsored Originator EIN number from Company → Settings but not both.  See DU Job Aid here.  
  • For more information about DU Job Aid from Fannie Mae, click here and Freddie Mac LP Guide here.