Troubleshooting: Slow Loading, Screen Freezes, Constantly Getting Disconnected.

Steps to clear browser cache, extent sessions and clear browsing history. Check speed and minimum requirements. Do not share ID's.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Check minimum system requirements here.  
  2. Check wireless internet connection if applicable.  Go to  The recommended speed is 50 Mbps for both upload and download.
  3. Apply software updates to both the operating system.  (search for "Windows Updates" on your computer and follow prompt).
  4. Check your Profile (upper right corner below your name) → Edit Profile → Session Timeout (minutes) to extend session time.
  5. Update the Chrome browser.  (Settings → About Chrome, Update or type in chrome://settings/help in URL)
  6. Inside of Chrome browser Press Control + Shift + Del keys
  7. Click on "Basic" tab, select "All time" in the "Time range" dropdown, under "Clear browsing data" popup window                      
  8. Press "CLEAR DATA".  
  9. For other supported browsers, follow similar steps to update software, reset settings and clear cache and browsing data.
  10. Often times, resetting browser to factory condition will help.  Type in chrome://settings/?search=reset in URL section, scroll down to "Reset and clean up" section to "restore settings to their original defaults". 
  11. Do NOT share the same account as this will log each other out and cause issues.  One person per ID is required in compliance with LendingPad licensing requirements.