URLA 2021

Important links regarding URLA conversion

March 1, 2021

NOTE: For application taken on or after March 1, 2021 Fannie and Freddie require new ULRA format. We recommend your company’s system administrators to make this switch on company level. It is avail in Settings / Manage Company/URLA screen. Also available in this Youtbue video.

On a loan level, to export MISMO 3.4 files, go inside of a loan file, click on Export Loan, select “MISMO 3.4” under the “File Format” drop down.


AUS Items

If you ran AUS under old 1003, you need to create a new loan record with new URLA to run new AUS OR erase all old AUS case ID’s and re-run to get a new case ID.

For AUS ran with new URLA, an application date is required. All employment must have an income. For all mortgages, they must be tied to an REO. Borrower’s current housing expense must have a value unless it’s rent free.

Loans with old 1003 running through /DO/DU login here to see them https://desktoporiginator.fanniemae.com/

Loans running through DO/DU with new URLA can be found on Fannie’s new DO / DU Website: https://glass.fanniemae.com/portal#/signin

12/2/2021 - New DO/DU website:  https://accessdodu.fanniemae.com/ 

Freddie Mac’s LPA Site: https://las.freddiemac.com