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With LendingPad’s help we were able to launch our Direct Lending call center and a new wholesale business. LendingPad makes a robust data set available to our ancillary and vendor systems facilitating integration, creating efficiencies and a robust environment.
Barry Bier
LendingPad helps increase both my efficiency and production volume as a Loan Officer. Multiple parties can work on the file at the same which expedites the origination process. The faster and smoother the process, the happier my clients are.
Jon Mullinix
Senior Loan Officer
The LendingPad team is dedicated to the user experience and provides exceptional customer and technical support. They are responsive to the needs of their customers and continuously strive to provide innovative business solutions.
Dawn Vesci
Business Analyst
I have hired a number of users and engaged many vendors to work on the system on our behalf, an experience mortgage person can be up and running in no time which is a Operations Manager dream.
Joanne Wright
SVP Of Operations
I love that the LendingPad LOS includes a robust lead management system…it eliminates the need for me to purchase separate systems saving both time and money! Campaign managers and Loan Officers can easily load leads—in bulk or one at a time. LendingPad leads flow seamlessly into the origination pipeline upon my Loan Officer taking an application making data re-entry and building interfaces obsolete. And the best part is we instantly have all the data we need at our fingertips to customize reports by Campaign, Lead Source, Loan Officer, Branch, or any filters we want with LendingPad’s advanced lead management tools.
Kathy Kelbaugh
SVP Retention Programs
LendingPad has allowed me to work efficiently so I can spend more time focusing on growing my business and my relationships with current clients. I can execute many once time consuming tasks now in just a few easy click thanks to its user friendly interface. The ability for multiple users to access the same client file helps expedite the closing process and ensure my deadlines will be met.
Sean Callan
Loan Assistant
LendingPad has addressed all the frustrations most LOS users have. Gone are the days of delayed updates, single user access and counterintuitive dashboards. LendingPad functions the way you’d expect and want an LOS to operate and it is dramatically improving how our users do business.
Fandy Liu
I love using LendingPad because it allows me to track my loans more effectively and integrates the entirety of my job into one platform. I can order an appraisal, run AUS, and send out an application to E-Sign, all with the click of a button. No more manual emails for each!
Gregory Leahy
Loan Officer
I got so excited writing this review! LendingPad has surpassed all other programs that I have been using for the past 10 years. I wish I could explain just how flexible and convenient LendingPad is for our mortgage professionals. It saves us so much time when ordering credit reports, MI, Tax transcripts,VOE through the work number,etc. The best feature is that LendingPad allows my loan officer and I to work on a loan at the same time – no waiting! And we are both notified what type of changes have been made and by who, so everyone is on the same page. LendingPad does not disappoint!
Dalia Quintanilla
Loan Processor
Processing loans requires intense concentration, and can also require frequent interactions with multiple files at a time. This could be challenging for some , but LendingPad provides me the ability to multi-task with ease. I can actively work on multiple loans efficiently and reduce idle time when moving from one file to another
ReNina Daniels
Loan Processor
As a Loan Processor, my job is to make sure that each file tells a cohesive story with information and documentation. LendingPad is incredible and makes processing a file so easy. One of the best features, in my opinion, is the versatility when it comes to documentation. Whether you need to combine two or more documents, copy a document, reorder or move pages, add notes to specific documents, etc. LendingPad makes it so simple. I can’t say enough about how great this system is!
Victoria Rogers
Loan Processor
Where to start when it comes to LendingPad? The ease and speed of this system is remarkable! I can’t fully explain, you really have to try it for yourself. I love that LendingPad allows multiple users to access a file at the same time, and document orders such as Title, Appraisal, Credit Report, etc. are only one click away. Whether you are a seasoned Mortgage Professional or new to the industry LendingPad will help you close more loans than ever before!
Ben Burnett
Loan Processor
LendingPad is one of the many Loan Origination platforms I have used at WEI Mortgage and previous companies. LendingPad reduces the amount of time I have to spend setting up each file, which allows me to focus on more important tasks such as servicing existing clients and generating new business.
Brian Callan
Brian Callan
I’m fairly new to the industry (about to hit my one year mark!), but thanks to Lending Pad’s user friendly interface, I can work efficiently while keeping everything I need organized. The dashboard keeps me focused and helps me track which tasks and leads should take priority.
Cesar Inong, Jr.
Loan Assistant
LendingPad is very intuitive – regardless if you have been originating for years or are brand new to the industry, LendingPad presents solutions for all our lending needs from origination to closing packaged in one simple to use software. With eye catching graphics, easily understandable interface, and logically placed arrangements, LendingPad is a revolutionary loan origination software in the mortgage industry. Lending sophisticated and re-imagined.
William Ma
Qualifying Individual
An incredible advantage of using LendingPad is it’s extremely robust document management system. This makes it super easy to keep track of documents, while also allowing items to be copied, rotated, reordered, merged, and archived. An added bonus is that LendingPad has templates for commonly used forms such as Credit Inquiry LOXs, Gift Letters, Borrower’s Authorization, etc, and it will pre-populate the forms with the borrower’s information and then send those forms on to the borrower for signatures. LendingPad is the most user friendly loan origination software that I have ever used!
Scott J Moon
Loan Officer
Lending PAD is an intelligent platform to originate and process loans. It’s flexibility to interface with various other applications, systems and websites is extraordinary. In last 6 years my experience with US Mortgage industry, this is the most comfortable platform that I have ever used. I just love working with LendingPad.
Sunil Madar
Operations Supervisor and a happy LendingPad user

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