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Designed specifically for processing centers

  • Ability to customize user roles for processing, underwriting, closing, funding, post-closing, and QC.
  • Processing in parallel for multiple clients. Centralize your workflow.
  • Single login to access multiple clients’ pipelines - manage pipelines efficiently to close more loans.
  • Invite an unlimited amount of brokers who are already on LendingPad to interact with the processing center.
  • Segment tasks across all client's pipelines to increase efficiency.

Centralize your clients’ pipeline

Instant scalability

Live status updates

Focus on processing management tasks

Connect thousands of potential clients through a central hub
How it Works

Working with LendingPad is simple.

1. Sign Up Now

Register your company and receive log-in credentials instantly. The system is pre-configured by industry best practices and is set up for immediate plug-and-play.

2. Receive Training

Attend monthly webinars for training and system updates. Sign up for LendingPad's certification courses and utilize our extensive training library.

3. Start Lending Better

Focus on building your pipeline and increasing the volume of closed loans. Make informed decisions faster than ever before, allowing your business to scale with unparalleled speed and accuracy.

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10 Questions
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10 Point Checklist in Choosing the Best Loan Origination System for Your Business

Download the full list to assist your evaluation process and better understand what steps your vendor is taking to stay technologically relevant in a rapidly changing tech landscape.

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