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Terms of Support

Standard support options - offered on a best-effort basis through a KnowledgeBase (KB), email (, chat, or through the "Create a Ticket" feature inside of the application.  Depending on the complexity, turn-times for standard support are generally within 24-48 hours.  Support hours are 8:00 am to 8:00 pm ET, Monday through Friday.  Support is not offered on weekends and federal holidays.  

Broker Editions come with 3 30-minute one-on-one onboarding/set up sessions scheduled in the Support / Screen Share / Onboarding Assistance area.  These sessions can be scheduled any time within one year of the start of the service.  For additional support please use the "Dedicated support options" above.

Lender and Institution Editions include 90-day onboarding assistance via biweekly calls, email, phone, and chat/screen-share support.  Lender Edition's system administrators (SA) must be certified by LendingPad to administer the system.  They also act as the first point-of-contact for all company-related support requests.  SA is the designated contact with LendingPad support.  For additional support beyond the first 90 days of the start of the service, please use the "Dedicated support options" below.

Dedicated support options - screen-share, or API / Zapier support options are billed at our standard consulting rate per hour per staff member.  Prior scheduling is required from the "Support" menu inside of the application.  Each page of custom forms request is programmed at the same hourly rate.   Contact your AE for details.

LendingPad offers free weekly live training to its users as well as an extensive Youtube how-to library.  LendingPad also offers custom consulting, custom form programming,  group/on-site training, and custom configuration sessions for all Editions including promotional products.  Contact your AE for cost details.

Please see these resources for system statuses and add-on services:

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Add-on Services

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