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Terms of Support

Support. LendingPad’s customer support team shall provide Customers with support services via Knowledge Base, chat, or through the “Create a ticket” options in the application, or by email at  Depending on the volume of requests and complexity, turn times for standard support are generally within 24-48 hours.  Support is provided Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Eastern time, excluding federal holidays. 
Support services shall be limited to those required in connection with the proper use of the Services as contemplated by this Agreement. Standard support includes assistance with general system questions, how-to's, password resets, and setting up available integrations with LendingPad. Standard support does not include special sessions specifically dedicated to one client or issues relating to the LendingPad API or any custom forms.  Without limiting the foregoing, standard support services shall not include services necessitated by (i) defects in connectivity or in any website, hardware, or software other than as owned or operated by or on behalf of LendingPad, (ii) issues relating to the use of or questions from third party systems or providers, or (iii) improper use of any equipment, server, connective device, or website. 
Custom training and/or support may be scheduled as one-hour virtual sessions available for purchase through the Support/Custom Support link inside the application. Prior scheduling and payment are required for custom services.
Any third-party vendors hired by clients to support such clients’ use of LendingPad services must be approved in advance by LendingPad and must sign a nondisclosure agreement with LendingPad before work may begin.
Training.  LendingPad provides free weekly live training to its users in the Training area of the application.  Also, the  Broker Edition LOS, Processing Edition LOS, and ComplyIO products each come with a one-hour onboarding session that may be scheduled in the Support / System Administrator Support link in the LendingPad system.  The Lender Edition LOS product includes seven one-hour onboarding sessions covering various topics in lending.  
Lender Edition LOS customers must appoint one or more system administrators (SA), who must be certified by LendingPad to administer the customer’s use of the LendingPad system. SAs also act as the customer’s first point of contact with LendingPad for all company-related support requests. SA training and certification are included in standard support for the Lender Edition LOS and may be scheduled in the application. 
Please see the System Status page for information on current system status, scheduled maintenance, and downtime. 


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